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How Well Do You Know San Diego?
How should an owner handle someone renting with a pet? Pet Tip 1
Welcome to our first tip on how an owner should handle someone renting with a pet. What are some tips that an owner should consider before allowing a pet in a rental property?  The first and probably the most important tip is going to be how is the property oriented?Does is the property a couple of things; One, is it a higher de...
Happy Holidays from Income Property Advisors
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This year has been… well a year worth remembering. We say that with sincerity. There is a lot to be thankful for.First, the loyalty of our clients and the trust they give us to manage their real estate investments, especially during these trying times.Second, to our vendors and on-site managers. We appreciate the work you do and fo...
How big is that house? How to Understand Square Footages.
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When it comes to home searches it is often hard to understand how much square feet you need.Here we break down some numbers for you to give you a better idea.100 sq ftIt’s the size of a medium sized bedroom, not including the space the inside the closet. If you are renting a 10x10 (100 square feet) bedroom, you will have plenty of s...
Quiz: Where Should You Live in San Diego?
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Take our fun, silly quiz to find out what San Diego neighborhood best fits your personality.Are you looking to invest in the San Diego real estate market? We can help! San Diego Property Management
5 ways to get ready for a San Diego Fall and Winter
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Holidays are upon us and we have some tips for Real Estate Owners on how to prepare during your homes for the coming months.Check your RoofMake sure there isn’t any debris or damage to your roof. This will prevent moisture problems when it starts to rain.Clear Gutters and Debris from around your propertyWith fire season lingering ar...
4 things to consider before buying a home in a pandemic
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Interest rates are low but that doesn’t mean everyone should by a house. There is a frenzy in the market. Interest rates are low, people are working from home, and people have never been more eager to buy their first house. But how do you know if now is the time to buy?We offer you 4 key things to consider before starting your ...
7 ways Income Property Advisors helps owners of rental property avoid Common Owner Problems
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Problem One: Your property isn’t getting the attention you want from potential renters.Marketing/advertisingIncome Property Advisors. Inc. has a unique approach to marketing and advertising. Marketing a rental property or advertising for sale property comes down to a few key factors.First, we want to highlight the properties best fe...
5 Things Landlords should do, or not do, to Survive a Pandemic
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Keep good tenants happy:If your tenant is paying rent on time and is relatively quiet, now might not be the time to hit them with a rent bump. Every landlord must consider the fine line of getting fair rent for their property and keeping tenants happy. Of course, it is not always easy. During this time vacancy can be hard to fill and expe...
Why You Should Live in Golden Hill, San Diego
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Golden Hill became official back in 1887, making it one of San Diego’s oldest communities. It was predominantly known as a place for anchoring naval fleets to call home due to its convenient location not far from the downtown area and harbor.In the 21st century, Golden Hill is still thriving but it’s a new type of clientele th...

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