Thirty (30) Day Notice of Resident(s) Intent to Vacate

Please fill out the form below to give your thirty (30) day notice. By filling out the form it is understood that:

  1. This notice is required by Section 1946 California Civil Code and
  2. Except as provided by law, rent shall be due and payable to and including the date of termination or thirty (30) days after service of the notice on owner, whichever is later.

When you move out:

Return all unit keys, garage door openers and key fobs to Income Property Advisors, Inc. 4565 Ruffner St. Suite 107 San Diego, CA 92111.

Please allow for twenty-one (21) days to receive back your security deposit. Your twenty-one (21) days begins when we receive your keys.

Remove all personal property from the unit or your security deposit could be subject to a daily storage fee and/or a hauling fee to remove items that we deem are abandoned.