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Direct Property Buying Program

San Diego Property Management

There is a lot of noise in the Real Estate world when it comes to people offering to buy your property, but we are different.

How different?

Well, first we are not just investors, we are property managers. There is only so much you can learn from a property description online; we come and evaluate your property with you.

This allows us to give you flexibility and choice!

How so?

Well, it starts with our key market knowledge on what buyers want and what sellers need.

Um, why should you care if we are selling it directly to you?

Because there is a chance you might not know all your options, and trust us, there are plenty of option, lease options, construction finance options, management options and so on.

If you are interest, we go over those option, if you just want to sell, then great! We can help with that too!

Get to the point, how do you determine what price you are going to offer me for my property?

Again, are secret ingredient is our property management experience and market knowledge. We understand Real Estate from a feet-on-the-ground perspective and from looking at the numbers.

That’s why you can trust us to make you a Market Rate Deal.

No wasting time! No playing games!

Market Priced Cash Offers! Quick Closing Times! Seller Flexibility!

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