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3 Things to Know About Tenant Placement Services in San Diego

3 Things to Know About Tenant Placement Services in San Diego

San Diego has a large rental market, with 53% of properties being occupied by renting tenants. If you're a landlord, you may have run into problems with tenants in the past. That's where a tenant placement service from a property management company can be useful.

With all the homes for rent available in San Diego, it isn't always easy to find the right tenant. Landlords have to ensure the tenant will look after their homes and pay their rent on time. They may also have to deal with evictions or pets in a rental property.

The right property management agency can help. Read on to learn three important facts about tenant placement services in San Diego.

They Include Credit and Reference Checks

A tenant background check is an important step when renting a property. A tenant placement service offers a tenant criminal background check to ensure your renter is who they say they are. Tenant screening offers reassurance to any landlord.

If your tenant does not pass a background or credit check, tenant placement services provide landlord rescue and lease enforcement. This helps to ensure proper rent collection and lease renewals as necessary.

A tenant placement service can also help with tax statements and 1099s, owner disbursements, and owner statements and reporting. This means you as a landlord can rest easy, knowing that both you and your tenants will be taken care of.

They Handle Tenant Deposits For You

Security deposits are a key part of dealing with tenants, and a tenant placement service can help keep track of them. You might think dealing with deposits yourself would be easy, but certain parts of renting can make them more complicated.

For example, some of your tenants may require support animals, and a tenant placement service can advise you how this could change a rental agreement.

Tenant placement services also handle parts of tenancy agreements such as eviction protection. If there's a problem with your tenant, they can guide you through how to go about delivering a Section 8 notice.

They will also help handle any tenant portal set up for your tenant. On top of this, they can provide rental analysis and rental valuation. A tenant placement service will also provide real estate asset management or turnkey property management, depending on the kind of property you own.

They Will Advertise Your Property to the Right Clients

Getting your property seen by the right kind of clientele is another way a tenant placement service can help landlords. Real estate investing is a big commitment, and a tenant placement service will help to make it all worthwhile.

As a real estate investor, you want to make sure your property is being rented to the right people. A tenant placement agency can make sure this happens, and will also take charge of rental leasing and leasing management.

A tenant placement service also offers maintenance coordination for your property. They will also handle your rental property accounting and owner statements if you wish them to.

Good property marketing is a skill and it's a good idea to leave it to the experts. Full-service property management will ease any marketing concerns you may have. A tenant placement service can also recommend a real estate agent referral program in San Diego to ensure your property is seen by the people you want to advertise it to.

If you're more comfortable dealing with certain parts of landlord life yourself, you can use a leasing-only service. This gives you more control over your property. However, it can still help to ease the burden of being a landlord.

The Top Tenant Placement Service in San Diego is Waiting for You!

From accidental landlords to those who own an investment property, a tenant placement service is something every landlord can make use of.

A tenant placement service provides property maintenance and rental property inspections. Another important part of a tenant placement service is portfolio management and rental property management. If you're a "for rent by owner" landlord, these services are very beneficial.

For more information on the wide range of tenant placement services available, check out this page.