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3 Tips for Keeping Up with Rental Property Maintenance

3 Tips for Keeping Up with Rental Property Maintenance

In San Diego, you're legally required to provide rental property maintenance to tenants. Since you own the building, you're in charge of property care and management.

There are two reasons why you want to stay on top of property maintenance. First, your renters should feel they can rely on you. The second reason to maintain your real estate is to extend its life and functionality.

But rental property upkeep can be a difficult, tiresome job. Below are three tips to help you maintain your rental property.

What are a Landlord's Responsibilities?

A landlord's responsibilities differ somewhat from state to state. However, there are some general duties you're obligated to perform for your renters. The first is ensuring the rental property is safe and habitable.

For example, the property must be clean. There shouldn't be mold, garbage, or other hazardous materials on the property. Your rental property should also be structurally sound.

Here are a few other landlord responsibilities:

  • Tell tenants before entering the property
  • Inform tenants before raising the rent
  • Give tenants' personal contact information
    • This rule is often waived if there's a property manager
  • Follow their state's mandated eviction laws
  • Promptly return security deposits
    • Typically between 30 and 60 days

Typically, landlords handle property management and upkeep. It's their job to take care of administrative and maintenance duties on the premises.

Helpful Rental Property Maintainance Tips

Rental property care can be summed up as "simple, but not easy." Technically, all rental property upkeep requires is ensuring your tenants have a secure place to live.

But it can be difficult keeping up with the demands of maintenance. Here are three tips to help you keep your rental property in great shape.

Focus on Safety

We cannot stress this enough: make sure your rental is safe for tenants. Check that your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors work weekly. Ensure that all railings are secure and can support substantial weight.

You will be held liable if these safety devices don't work. You must perform safety checks and maintenance diligently.

Hire Pest Control Services

Ideally, you'd enter a long-term contract with a pest control company. You wouldn't want to have a one-off instance of termite elimination if an infestation breaks out.

A contract outlines the exact scope of services you expect from the pest control company. You may also receive extermination services for lower prices thanks to your agreement.

Waterproof Your Rental Property

Water damage can cause extreme harm to your property. Rot, mildew, and mold are just a few issues you can expect. Water can weaken floors, walls, and building supports.

Inspections are the best way to prevent water damage. Take care to check basements and attics, which are areas people often forget about. You should also inspect the roof.

Clear away debris so water doesn't accumulate in one area. It's also prudent to clean gutters so water drains away from your rental property.

Stay On Top of Rental Property Maintenance

Rental property maintenance in San Diego can be difficult to do alone. Some landlords hire property managers to help with these responsibilities.

If you feel you need assistance with your real estate, consider contacting Income Property Advisors. We can help make property care an easier, less stressful task.