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5 ways to get ready for a San Diego Fall and Winter

5 ways to get ready for a San Diego Fall and Winter

Holidays are upon us and we have some tips for Real Estate Owners on how to prepare during your homes for the coming months.

Check your Roof

Make sure there isn’t any debris or damage to your roof. This will prevent moisture problems when it starts to rain.

Clear Gutters and Debris from around your property

With fire season lingering around longer this year keeping your property debris free is very important. Now is also a good time to inspect and clear out gutters in the hopes that rain might come our way.

Make Sure Your Heating System is Ready

Our air conditioning systems have been on over drive these last few months but now the weather is cooler you might find turning up your thermostat. It’s a good time to get your heater professionally inspected for the safety of yourself and your family. Also, remember to have your fireplaces professionally cleaned.

Check Batteries in Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

When heaters go on and we start thinking about lighting candles and using our stoves and that’s when accidents can happen. That’s why you should frequently check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Get you Patio ready for cold social distancing activities

You should inspect your outdoor lighting to make sure you aren’t stuck in the dark. You can stay warm by getting some outdoor blankets, andoutdoor safe heaters like this one from Amazon, or if you are so lucky to have the outdoor space, a safe fire pit.