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6 simple ways to Insure Your Home is Safe When You Travel

6 simple ways to Insure Your Home is Safe When You Travel

Beware of social media

Be careful of pictures and updates you post on social media. Unless you are very careful with your privacy setting, you could be letting possible robbers know you are out of town.

Place a stop on mail and newspapers

An easy way to let people know you are not home is to have an overflowing mailbox or a few too many old newspapers on your driveway. An easy solution is to place a hold on your mail and stop the delivery of newspapers.

Be careful with lights

Leaving lights on or off all the time could look suspicious. Change a few of your lights to lights with switch timers. They turn your lights on and off automatically according to a programmed schedule. Here are a few options that are cost sensitive this one from Honeywell and this one from Enerlites.

Ask a friend or neighbor for help

Have a friend or neighbor check on our property every once in a while. Ask them to water your plants and bring in your mail.

Check security of your property

Installing a camera that is visible from the driveway or side walk can deter a robber. There are also plenty of security systems that let you monitor your home from your phone. But home security doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You can start by simply checking all locks on doors and windows. Don’t change the look of your property just because you are leaving. Keep curtains the way you normally keep them. Lastly get grid of the hind a key.

Have pets? Consider a house sitter

It might sound expensive but if you consider the cost of boarding a pet runs about $50 a day and if you have more than one, it could save you money and offer you piece of mind to have someone at your home.