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6 Things to Consider When Renting to Someone with a Pet

6 Things to Consider When Renting to Someone with a Pet

San Diego is a pet friendly city. Its amazing outdoor lifestyle, pet friendly restaurants, dog beaches and more might be convincing enough to make your home a pet friendly rental.

But before you agree to have pets you should consider the following:

Does your rental have a gated yard?

Having a gated yard is a big bonus if you are renting to someone with a dog. It allows the animal to be outside instead of being confined to the indoors. It can lead to destructive behavior that could cause damage to your property.

What is your flooring?

Carpet holds in smells and allergens and will need to be replaced when the renter leaves. Hardwood floors are more prone to getting scratched. Laminate flooring is great for renters and pets alike, as its very durable.

What is the situation with the neighbors and neighborhood?

Loud barking dogs can cause issues with neighbors, which will make you regret renting to pet owners almost immediately. However, if the neighborhood has a lot of dogs and is near a park you might find it’s an opportunity for your renters to become active in the neighborhood.

What type of pet does your possible renter have?

It’s a sad but true reality- not all pets are created equal. Insurance premiums can go up with certain breads of dogs and can be a liability to you if something were to happen. Small dogs can be more prone to making mistakes, while large dogs have more fur to shed. Litter boxes can cause orders but cats can be left alone for a long period of time and are also quiet.

How much time will the animal be left alone?

Cats can be left alone for a long period of time while dogs can’t. If you are renting to someone with a busy schedule and has a dog you might want to ask if the dog is home alone during those hours.

Ask for necessary documents.

This can include documents that show regular veterinary care and maybe even proof of obedience school.