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7 ways Income Property Advisors helps owners of rental property avoid Common Owner Problems

7 ways Income Property Advisors helps owners of rental property avoid Common Owner Problems

Problem One: Your property isn’t getting the attention you want from potential renters.


Income Property Advisors. Inc. has a unique approach to marketing and advertising. Marketing a rental property or advertising for sale property comes down to a few key factors.

First, we want to highlight the properties best features. This starts by getting pictures that show the potential renter or buyer the properties best angles… You might laugh at the idea of a home having good angles but its true. Just like any photographer or agents often put themselves in precarious positions to highlight a large window or a tight bathroom.

Some tips for photographing real estate or photographing a for rental property are the following:

  • Be aware of lighting.Rooms can appear dark f you shoot into bright light.
  • Try to avoid being the subject of your photos by appearing in the mirrors of bathrooms or other places.
  • Do a quick tightening up goes a long way to improving your rental properties appearance.

Sometimes marketing photos are best done by professionals. Income Property Advisors agents understand when to call in the pros.

It’s not just about website leads, it’s about the network Income Property Advisors continues to build. We utilize our network to help support the efforts of online marketing which makes sure as many people see a property as possible.

Problem Two: You are struggling with leasing, even when you have interest in your property

Leasing Most property management companies undervalue the power of a good leasing agent. I guess they assume the property will just lease itself… but that’s not the case. That’s why here at Income Property Advisors we have dedicated leasing agents.

Leasing agents understand that people want a personal connection with not just the property but the people that run it.

It is important to note the here at Income Property Advisors we follow all laws regarding discrimination and housing. Special Note regrading COVID-19: Currently we are not doing in-person showings. We are following all CDC guidelines as well as the state guidelines and Apartment Associate to make sure our staff and tenants are safe.

Problem Three: You have no way to know who your potential tenant is

Once a tenant applies for a rental a background check is done and we look at rental references, income, and credit score. If the qualifications are met, we proceed with a lease. Are leasing are tailored to the property and are from the Southern California Housing Association. Lastly, we collecting a security deposit in the form of secured funds.

Problem Four: Collecting rent is a hassle

Rent is due on the first as is late be either the 3rd or the 5th depending on which portfolio the property falls under. We except electronic payment or check and scured fund payments. Each tenant is given an online portal to pay rent or submit maintenance request. A last fee is collected in the amount shown on the lease if the rent is past due. Rent collection is an important part of the property management business but we are also willing to work tenants and owners to do what is best for the property.

Problem Five: You don’t know how to handle the maintenance issues at your property

Ask any property manager about their biggest frustration and 90 percent of the time it comes down to maintenance. Why is that? It’s because things don’t break according to a schedule, it’s because tenants don’t report issues until they become big problems. It’s because fixing things take a lot of skill, both with the people they affect and with the problem itself. At Income Property Advisors we are pleased with fact that we work with some of the best maintenance vendors San Diego has to offer and we are constantly refining our list to improve efficiencies and give the best service to our owners and tenants.

Problem Six: You need help with the financial part of property management

All owners have access to the financial records of the property through their owner portal or through monthly reports. Each owner has different needs and we can customize the reports for owners. We also work with the owner’s financial advisors or CPAs to get the reporting they want.

Problem Seven: You have no idea how evictions work in California

Evictions are never easy, and they are never enjoyable but when an eviction becomes necessary Income Property Advisors can walk owners through any questions they might have. We work with top lawyers and keep excellent records to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

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