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Be Prepared for Rain with These Tips from A Property Manager

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Rain is in the forecast, make sure you are ready with these winter rain tips from a property manager. 

  • Check your gutters. Look around the property and see if the gutters appear to be in good condition. If there are trees near your gutters might need to be cleared. If you see an area the is in disrepair request a maintenance inspection
  • Check your roof, skylights and flashing. You don’t need to get on the roof to do this. Simply look around and take note of any areas that are in disrepair. 
  • Ask your property manager to trim your trees.
  • Check drains near your house including nearby storm drains. If its blocked, contact your local public works department
  • Have sandbags handy to help divert water away from your house to drainage areas. 
  • Make an emergency supply kit for your home and car. You can find everything you will need here
  • Review your current insurance policy and become familiar with what is covered. Tenant’s are required under our lease to carry a renter’s insurance policy
  •  Save water! Here is a tip mostly for homeowners. Install rain barrels to capture water from the roof and hold it for later use. It can also help with water runoff issue.
  • Lastly, print out this picture and have go through the list to check off items as you go.