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How should an owner handle someone renting with a pet? Pet Tip 1

Welcome to our first tip on how an owner should handle someone renting with a pet. What are some tips that an owner should consider before allowing a pet in a rental property?  

The first and probably the most important tip is going to be how is the property oriented?

Does is the property a couple of things; 

  1. One, is it a higher density property like a condo or is it a single family home in either of those situations? 
  2. Two, You should definitely have a yard or a fenced in area. 

It is important that you can at least know that your dog can go outside, even if it's just for five or 10 minutes and you can kind of air out the property and make sure that you have some ventilation. It has a place to do its thing. It has a place to get some fresh air and hopefully some sunshine throughout the day. 

A Space to Call Their Own

The other thing that's important is to to have the pet have an area that it feels is its own to. So I think that's important, too, is that, you know, so as long as that as long as the yard is or area that you're going to keep, it is fenced in. I think that's that's the first and probably most important thing. 

So when you are renting to someone with a pet, let's say you have a condo in a downtown area, it could potentially work out fine. But it'd be nice if you had some kind of outdoor space for your pet. Ideally, obviously, a single family home with a yard is a great property for a pet.

But there are other things to consider and we will get into that in our next little blog post, a little vignette that's coming in the near future. Exactly. So stay tuned. Stay tuned. Thanks for listening.