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How To Deal With Upset Tenants

How To Deal With Upset Tenants

It is inevitable that as a landlord or property manager you will come across upset tenants. We all want good customers service and its important we give our tenant the best costumer service possible while doing what is best for the property.

Here are some tips to improve your customer service and manage your upset tenants.


Often, we make the mistake of only communicating when we have something important to discuss. Communicating when there is simply nothing to communicate might seen silly but a simple e-mail saying something to the tune of “I am reaching out just to let you know that I am still waiting on…” can go a go a long way to improve your relationship with your tenants and your owners.


We are all busy people and the last thing you have time for is listing to a rant from an emotional tenant but sometimes that’s exactly what needs to happen. Listen, show respect, respond to their concerns and…

Stick to The Facts

Its hard not to get emotional when dealing with irrational people. Its why its so important to stick to the facts. Stay rational in your reasoning, stick to the facts and don’t follow your tenant down the slippery path of emotional arguments.  

Don’t Point the Finger

This can be tough one, sometimes the blame needs to be placed on the tenant or maybe it was a vendor’s fault something happened. Its important to make sure your tenant doesn’t feel attacked. That’s why it’s so important to…

Offer Solutions

Simply put, it’s better to work with your tenant to find common ground. Even if the solution cost you money it might save you in the long run. A bad review from a tenant can lead to lost business in future.

Follow the Law

There are a lot of ways to get yourself into trouble these days and tenants are sometimes better versed in the laws then lawyers. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the rules and to follow them. If you have to, consult a lawyer.

Get It in Writing

E-mail and text are your best friend. Not only do they offer you the opportunity to construct the message you want to present, if offers you a chance to address issues calmly, and if need be, can be given to your lawyer if things go bad.

Make Sure Your Team Is Up-To-Date

Nothing is worse then mixed communication with a tenant. Making sure everyone is up-to-date on the issue that needs to be. Having a point person can simplify communication with a tenant.

Stay Out of It

All of our leases are joint tenancy, this means we stay out of disputes between tenants under the same lease, unless there are laws being broken. If rent isn’t paid, it is the responsibility of everyone on the lease to pay it. This goes with other things as well, such as security deposits, utility payments and so on. In other words, some issues are not your responsibility to handle and it's important to know when to step back.


Be Kind

Everyone deserves respect and property management is all about about working with people and where they work, live, shop and invest.

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