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How To Market Your Rental Property

Good morning and welcome back. Today, we're going to start a new video series we are and it's how we Income Property Advisors helps owners of rental property avoid common mishaps and the first problem we're going to talk about is your property isn't getting the attention online that it should. 

Online Posting and Syndication

So the the issue is, is most people don't know how to post their property online. They go to places like Craigslist. Craigslist, at least in our market, is kind of a known place where listings get pirated from people possibly trying to steal a security deposit or something like that. So it's not the best place. 


We are fortunate that we subscribe to a software that syndicates all of our listings. So it goes across all of the major platforms that are real estate related. So Zillow, Redfin Trulia, you know,, things like that. So that are more credible than Craigslist and credibility matters. The syndication aspect of it is huge because I'm only listing about four of the 40 or 50 sites that it actually goes to online.  So unless you are aware of all those sites and there are a lot of them. Really, it's really good to have such a software that can syndicate properties. And just like every other business, big tech does control a lot of the the Internet flow. And so because we have a large syndication presence that does give us more exposure, it moves us up the rankings through the search engines and things like that faster. So that's important. 


And and then the other thing is, obviously, we you know, we're paying for signage. We have most of our buildings have Identification on them. So these are all important things to do to help, you know, get your property noticed. 

Traffic and Referrals

Another big thing is, too, is that we have the ability to also, you know, reach out to other tenants, reach out to, you know, there's we have a constant flow of kind of wants and needs coming through the office all day. And so, you know, sometimes it's just as simple as matching a tenant to a property as well.  

Beyond Just Online Marketing and Signs

It goes to how many people we have calling every day looking for rental properties, just based on the fact that we are a property manager. We manage quite a few units. Right. So that ability to place tenants into units that maybe they call on something else, but we have something better for them or maybe that matches their moving dates more accurately.