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Money Saving Tips for Income Property Owners

Money Saving Tips for Income Property Owners

Here are some money saving tips for property owners and owners of income property. Have anything to add? Let us know.

Find vendors you trust.

A plumber you can trust is a must! Plumbing is one of those things that tend to be emergencies. Have a number you can call is an easy way to eliminate stress. Same goes for electricians. But also consider a gardener, pest control and a handyman.

Do routine maintenance.

Inspect your property for overgrowth on your property line and on the building itself. Be aware of tree near the building that can drop branches and cause damage to roofs. Inspect your gutters for debris and clean them before rain storms to ensure water get through. Have air conditioners inspected before hot summer months heaters in colder months. Be prepared for an emergency.

Have a working fire extinguisher in your kitchen and know where the water shutoff valves are and where the electrical panel is.

Get to know your neighbors.

A neighbor watch is a great way to be on top of crime and city ordinances that effect you and your property. You can also call on your neighbors to help you when you are out of town or given them a spare key, just in case you get locked out.

Read your homeowners insurance plan.

Understanding what is covered and how you are covered is important. Make sure you know where to find a copy of your policy.