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Spring Property Tips

Spring Property Tips

Jump into spring and get ready for the summer ahead with these property tips. 

Do a little spring cleaning:

Clean the areas of the property that are often neglected by tenants and homeowners alike. 

- Sweep out and remove debris from area around trash cans and side allies

- Clean light fixtures and clean out gutters. 

- Remove old junk 

Maintain garden areas:

Spring is a great time to update your garden and plant new vegetation. 

Check irrigation systems to make sure they are working property

Check for drainage issues

Replant and remove old and or dying plants 

 Do repairs:

- Inspect the roof and gutters for damage after this winter’s rain

Check for cracks in the foundation and on walkways that can pose a liability or safety issues 

Check for gaps and cracks around doors and windows and while you’re at it check from broken or missing screens. 

Get ready for hotter months ahead:

Hotter months are coming and it’s a good idea to get ready ahead of time.

- Have AC systems inspected

- Replace air filters 

- Buy fans now and maybe think about installing a ceiling fan

Deal with pest before they get out of hand:

The downside to the rain this winter is that we will have more bugs this spring and summer.

-Get a termite inspection 

-Start monthly pest control