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Top 4 Benefits of Having a Tenant Portal

Top 4 Benefits of Having a Tenant Portal

If you don't already have an online tenant portal, you're living in the past. Online portals for tenants are seen as a must-have for many modern tenants, so what are you waiting for?

The idea of setting up a renter portal might seem like too much effort for many old-school landlords. Why bother if the old-fashioned way still works?

We're here to talk about why tenant and owner portals are necessary for 2022. Read on to learn more.

1. Rent Collection Is Effortless

In 2022, paying cash (or worse, checks) for rent is no longer in style. Many younger people don't have any experience with checks at all. Even people who know how to write checks may find the mailing or hand-delivery process cumbersome.

With an online renter portal, collecting rent is easy and quick for all parties.

Tenants can easily sign into their accounts and attach payment methods, like bank transfers or credit cards. They can even set up auto-pay so they never miss a payment.

Even renters without auto-pay can get easy payment reminders a few days before their rent is due. 

2. Easy Lease Signing (And Access)

Tenants can now sign their leases from the comfort of their own homes through online tenant portals. This is great for initial leases for long-distance tenants that are getting ready to move and tenants who are renewing their leases.

Tenants also have constant access to their leases. They can check lease stipulations and requirements without having to contact you or dig through their rental paperwork. 

If they want to negotiate or if they have a question about their lease, it's easy for them to find specific problems. 

3. Maintenance Requests Have Never Been Easier

Before the internet made everything so much easier, it was difficult for tenants to place maintenance requests. They had to call you directly (or email you) and they could only do so during the day when you were awake. 

With online tenant portals, tenants can place maintenance requests whenever they have a problem. You'll see the request right away and you or your property management company can fix the problem.

Quick responses to maintenance requests are essential if you want to keep happy tenants. 

4. Tenant Communication Is a Breeze 

Speaking of quick responses, tenant communication has never been easier. 

Tenants can use their tenant portals to ask questions or submit concerns. You won't lose any emails or text messages because everything is in one convenient place.

You can also easily send messages to your tenants about rent increases, events, and more. 

You Need a Tenant Portal in 2022

If you don't already have a tenant portal, what's stopping you? They make life easier for you and your tenants alike. Happy tenants are tenants who recommend your building to others and (ideally) renew their leases year after year.

If you're ready to set up a tenant portal, we want to help you! Income Property Advisors know all about how to make landlords' lives easier. Contact us to learn about our property management services today.