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Understanding Eviction Protection Laws for Landlords in San Diego, CA

Understanding Eviction Protection Laws for Landlords in San Diego, CA

With a vote of 8-1, the San Diego City Council recently approved a new ordinance for protecting renters from eviction.

This new eviction protection law might be a concern for landlords, but it only protects those who continue to pay rent and comply with their lease.

What does this regulation state exactly? How will it affect the housing market in San Diego? Should you be worried about this new law?

Keep reading to have all of your questions answered.

New Eviction Protection Laws in San Diego

In April 2023, the San Diego City Council approved new regulations for stricter eviction protection. The new legislation requires landlords to provide relocation assistance to tenants for no-fault evictions.

In addition to relocation assistance, the new laws require landlords to pay tenants two months of rent for no-fault evictions. This jumps to three months of rent for senior tenants or tenants living with disabilities.

California state laws only require the landlord to pay tenants one month of rent for no-fault evictions. This new stricter law is for the city of San Diego landlords only, not the county of San Diego.

New legislation requires renter protections to begin on the first day of tenancy in San Diego.

Why Were Changes Made?

The changes come from historically lenient renter protection regulations. In California, San Diego had the least renter protections.

The new laws intend to bring San Diego up to AB 1482 standards, but the regulations pass these standards because:

  • Higher financial assistance is required for no-fault evictions
  • Tenant protections apply on the first day of renting
  • Accountability measures prevent bad landlords from violating tenant protection laws and getting away with it

These laws are specific to San Diego landlords who remove tenants to make minor renovations. They then re-rent units for higher rates.

Cons of the New Tenant Protection Laws

Many landlords believe that the new laws will negatively affect the housing market in San Diego. The financial implications can affect smaller and seasonal landlords.

Many non-corporate landlords might give up on renting out their properties to avoid possibly covering relocation assistance. With fewer properties on the market, rental prices will soar.

Landlords also argue that the costliness of evictions will make it more difficult to afford necessary renovations and repairs. This could lead to rental unit health and safety concerns. Landlords won't be able to market unlivable dwellings.

A great San Diego property management company can help landlords navigate the new laws to continue renting out units and make a steady stream of rental income.

How Can Property Managers Help?

Property management services are well-versed in San Diego laws and regulations. Property managers understand the implications of eviction protection and can help you avoid a financially unstable situation.

Since 2010, Income Property Advisors, Inc., has positioned itself as a management leader in San Diego. We offer comprehensive services for landlords with our knowledge of the market and local laws.

If you're worried about the new eviction protection regulations, let us take the burden off your shoulders. Contact us today for help.