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Water Saving Tips

Water Saving Tips

We as a property management company know that good water saving tips are hard to come by. Everyone knows we are in a drought but while shaving minutes from our morning showers might be an easy way to save water we admit that every second under that hot water feels just too good to give up. So what are some other water saving tips?

Read below to find out:

Replace your Showerhead

Installing a water-efficient showerhead and other appliances can save a lot of water. Showers account for nearly 17 percent of residential indoor water use.

The best part, new high efficiently showerheads can save more than just water. They can save energy and money without sacrificing performance. Look for WaterSense® certified shower heads at the Home Depot. They are certified to be at least 20 percent more water-efficient then regular showerheads.

If you are a renter check out our DIY blog here for DIY fixes every renter should know.

Garden Water Efficiently

For water saving tips for gardens you might try to reduce water evaporation use organic mulch around plants. You can also water only during early morning hours when temperatures are cooler and when there is less wind. Its a good idea to learn how to turn off automatic watering systems in case of rain or malfunction. Also check timer settings for days and zone. Ideally 2 days per week, 5 minutes per zone. Check with your city for specific watering days.

Doing Household Chores

An average load of laundry uses about 40 gallons of water per load. By simply reusing towels, washing clothes only when you have a full load and wash sheets only when needed, you can save hundreds of gallons or water per year.

When doing dishes a great time saving and water saving tip is to soak pots and pans before rinsing. Use the garbage disposal sparingly and instead start composting.

Hand washing your car is both a waste of water and is time consuming. Instead take your car to a car wash that recycles water.

For more water saving tips and to find out how we as property managers can help contact us by calling (858) 279-1500.