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What Are the Advantages of Tenant Screening?

What Are the Advantages of Tenant Screening?

There are many benefits of being a landlord in the United States, including the creation of passive income. Renting out a property supports a recurring income that requires little effort to maintain. Other benefits include property appreciation, tax deductions, and the option to sell when market conditions are optional.

In order to ensure that your rental experiences are positive, it is essential to choose the right tenants. Central to this is the tenant screening process, which will be the focus of this blog post. If you are interested in learning about the main tenant screening benefits, keep reading!

Find High-Quality Tenants

The traits of a good tenant typically include:

  • Demonstrates respectful behavior
  • Has a clean eviction record
  • Has stable employment and income
  • Has no relevant criminal convictions

Tenants with these traits are more likely to treat your home as if it were their own, which offers excellent peace of mind. High-quality tenants are also more likely to stay longer at your property, which reduces the amount of work you, as a landlord, will have to do.

The reverse of this is to become stuck with low-quality tenants, who frequently pay late, are careless with your property, and are disruptive within the community. While screening may cost more upfront, avoiding low-quality tenants is an excellent long-term investment for all landlords.

Avoiding Evictions

A rigorous tenant screening process will include an eviction check. No landlord wants to go through the process of evicting tenants, given how it is both time-consuming and costly.

In some cases, it may be extremely difficult to evict bad-behaving tenants, so it's simply best to avoid this risk in the first place. Tenants who pass a screening process can be trusted to respect your property, pay on time, and follow the full terms of their leases.

Reduce Risk of Crime and Vandalism

The tenant screening process should also include a criminal history check. By screening tenants, landlords can weed out applicants who are more likely to engage in vandalism and criminal activity. 

Tenant screening adds an extra layer of security, not only for the landlord themselves but also to the wider community. When a landlord brings in a new tenant, they are opening that person up to the community. 

What Are the Advantages of Tenant Screening?

As this tenant screening guide highlights, there are numerous benefits to conducting a thorough tenant screening process. It is a means of legally denying prospective tenants who are low-quality or pose a risk to your property or the community as a whole. 

In San Diego, California, choose IPA for quality tenant screening that you can rely on. Our property management team is available for tenant screening and a range of other related services. These include marketing the property, finding suitable tenants, and handling both rent collection and property maintenance.

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