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What Is a Maintenance Coordinator, Exactly?

What Is a Maintenance Coordinator, Exactly?

To keep residents happy, any real estate owner needs a dependable maintenance team. Yet, it's easy for owners and building managers to spend all their time organizing maintenance staff.

That's where a maintenance coordinator comes in to play.

So what is a maintenance coordinator's job? And how can they assist real estate owners and investors by facilitating building maintenance?

Keep reading for answers to all your maintenance coordinator questions!

Role Description

A facilities maintenance coordinator manages the supplies and personnel required for maintenance tasks. For property management, this usually involves coordinating electricians and plumbers. Other staff include HVAC technicians, cleaners, and decorators.

It's possible to divide their role into operations maintenance coordinator and preventive maintenance coordinator. Yet, these two elements tend to be combined and handled by one individual.

In larger-scale operations, a maintenance coordinator might report to a maintenance supervisor. However, they tend to work under the guidance of the building manager or owner.

A maintenance coordinator is the point person for all upkeep of the building. They are the first point of call for both maintenance personnel and residents.


The responsibilities of a maintenance coordinator are wide-ranging. First, they have to hire, schedule, and pay maintenance staff. They must ensure that a property has enough equipment and supplies to resolve issues.

Next, they are tasked with communicating with tenants and reassuring them that the work required will be resolved in a timely manner. Sometimes, maintenance coordinators must handle minor tasks themselves. For example, changing lightbulbs, cleaning spills, and watering plants.

Maintenance coordinators need to manage their budget and keep track of their expenditure. They are a support figure to residents, maintenance staff, and the building manager or owner.


While a maintenance coordinator may have some background in maintenance work, this is not required. They need to have a good understanding of who can fix an issue and how long it will take, rather than how to resolve the issue itself. 

Maintenance coordinators must be highly organized with good attention to detail. They also need to be clear communicators and be able to keep different parties happy.

Other skills required from maintenance coordinators are familiarity with spreadsheets and budget management. They also need problem-solving skills and leadership skills.

It is possible to complete maintenance coordinator training, yet many individuals have learned their trade on the job.

Are You Ready to Hire a Maintenance Coordinator?

We've now seen that a maintenance coordinator plays an essential role in facilitating the wider team of maintenance staff. Issues are resolved quicker and residents stay satisfied. Meanwhile, the schedules of maintenance staff are optimized for efficiency.

After hiring a maintenance coordinator, most building managers are shocked they lasted so long without one.

If you'd like more information about how Income Property Advisors can give you back time, money, and peace of mind, get in touch. We'd be thrilled to discuss property management solutions with you. These include maintenance, tenant screening, marketing, and more.