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Why You Should Live in Golden Hill, San Diego

Why You Should Live in Golden Hill, San Diego

Golden Hill became official back in 1887, making it one of San Diego’s oldest communities. It was predominantly known as a place for anchoring naval fleets to call home due to its convenient location not far from the downtown area and harbor.

In the 21st century, Golden Hill is still thriving but it’s a new type of clientele that calls this place home.

25th Street Revival

What was once a fairly drab, underwhelming section of town has now become a popular location for restaurants, bars, and local shops. 

This revitalization process started a few years ago and has begun to attract heaps of millennial renters to Golden Hill. It’s the perfect location for young professionals who work in nearby Downtown San Diego, Banker’s Hill, or up the road in Mission Valley.

The area has become a hotspot for local festivals and block parties, including the annual Golden Hill Block Party.

Home to Musicians, Students, and More 

There’s really no one group of people who live in Golden Hill. It’s a diverse bunch that includes local city college students, aspiring performers and musicians who perform at the many nearby entertainment venues, and professionals of all ages.

You can head into the famous Pizzeria Luigi on a given afternoon and interact with an eclectic group of locals, or go to Dark Horse Coffee Roasters in the morning to grab a coffee before work. 

Bringing the Community Together

There are tons of family-friendly activities geared towards bringing local families together. The Golden Hill Recreation Center and YMCA of San Diego has worked hard to make the area fruitful for children, keeping them involved in sports and other activities to help them evolve socially. 

Meanwhile, adults can stay fit and active with plenty of sports leagues throughout the year as well as yoga classes and dance classes to keep moving and stay busy.

The outdoor beauty of Balboa Park is just a few blocks away from anywhere in Golden Hill. Within it, you’ll find some of the best hiking trails in the greater San Diego area. 

Ample Freeway Access

Golden Hill is intersected by major roadways including Interstates 5, 15, and Highway 94. These can take you just about anywhere in San Diego in minutes.

It’s truly the perfect location for folks who want to experience city living while having the occasional breathtaking outdoor view.

Looking for An Apartment

A two bedroom apartment in Golden Hill will start at around $390K and go up quite a bit for a house. With so many young professionals moving to the area, there’s no shortage of renters who can reside in your investment property.