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Midway Rising is the winner

Today on the Southern California Real Estate Report we talk about the Sports Arena redevelopment project.

After many months and much deliberation the project know as Midway Rising will redevelop the Sports Arena.

The development offers a significant amount of affordable housing units, more than the other developers, which was why the City Council liked the plans over the others.

The project will also offer a 200 room hotel, market rate units, open space and a 16,000 seat arena.

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Title: Revitalizing San Diego: Midway District Development Project


Welcome to the Southern California Real Estate Report! Today, we bring you exciting news about the long-awaited Midway District development project in San Diego. After years of delays and challenges, a local developer named Zephyr has been chosen to undertake this ambitious endeavor. Join us as we explore the project's details, its significance for the city, and what it means for the future of San Diego's real estate landscape.

A Journey of Delays

The Midway District development project has been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. Originally, a developer was chosen, but they fell short of meeting the state's affordable housing requirements. As a result, the city had to start the selection process anew, causing further delays.

Zephyr Emerges as the Winner

Amidst the twists and turns, Zephyr, a local developer hailing from Encinitas, emerged as the victor. Despite facing skepticism due to their lack of experience with large-scale projects, Zephyr's proposal stood out for its dedication to providing affordable housing. The project aims to construct a whopping 2,000 units of affordable housing, the most significant number among all proposals.

Project Highlights

The Midway District development is set to transform the area significantly. The planned features include:

  1. 250 middle-income units
  2. 2,000 market-rate units
  3. A 16,000-seat arena
  4. A 200-room hotel
  5. 4,500 parking spaces
  6. 20 acres of plaza and park space, including 4.2 acres of rooftop decks

A Win for Affordable Housing

The driving force behind Zephyr's selection was its commitment to providing affordable housing. The 2,000 affordable homes will be deed-restricted real estate, reserved for those earning 80% or less of the median income for the area. This move is a step towards addressing San Diego's pressing need for more affordable housing options, benefitting working families in particular.

Revitalizing the Point Loma Area

The Midway District development will bring new life to the Point Loma area. Once completed, it will join the ranks of other prominent public projects in the city, such as Liberty Station and the San Diego State redevelopment. The addition of the 16,000-seat arena promises to attract more significant entertainment events, making San Diego a more enticing destination for music, Broadway shows, and other performances.

A Boon for San Diego's Real Estate Market

As San Diego's real estate market continues to soar, projects like the Midway District development become vital for catering to the growing demand. By creating more housing options and recreational spaces, San Diego will attract new residents and businesses, contributing to the city's economic growth.


The selection of Zephyr as the developer for the Midway District development marks a new chapter for San Diego's real estate landscape. With a strong focus on affordable housing, this project aims to serve the community's needs and revitalize the Point Loma area. As we eagerly await more details and timelines, one thing is clear: San Diego's future is bright, and the city's real estate market is on an upward trajectory. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting venture! This is the Southern California Real Estate Report, signing off.