What we learned from Bisnow's Annual State of the Market

System - Monday, June 24, 2019

Today on the Southern California Real Estate Report we talk about the future of Real Estate development in San Diego.

  • We attended this year’s Bisnow State of the Market event in Carlsbad and got mixed opinions from developers on San Diego’s viability for more development growth
  • When will the boom end has had much debate and no clear answers?
  • Some developers are thinking that Tech companies will have a growing impact on San Diego’s economy
  • They believe that in order to attract these company’s new office campuses need to be built
  • Some see the downtown market as one that needed to be utilized better. There is a lot of housing but not many tech companies want to go there.
  • Hopefully the Horton Plaza development will bring tech to the downtown area.
  • The Project known as Ampersand (the old Union Tribune building) was a project that was finished without a major tenant but has been a popular choice among tech firms since its completion