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What Does a Property Manager Do: How Can They Help You?

What Does a Property Manager Do: How Can They Help You?

Do you own an investment property in San Diego, California? You know just how beneficial investment properties can be when run smoothly and correctly. Trying to manage multiple properties at once or even one property is a big task to take on alone. 

There's a lot that comes with keeping up with an investment property, the paperwork, and the tenants. For these reasons, have you ever considered hiring a property manager in San Diego, California? A property manager can offer help managing your property in several different ways. 

Still unsure if rental property management is the right choice for you? Continue reading below to learn exactly how a property manager can benefit you. 

Manage Investment Properties 

Property managers handle the everyday operations that happen within a rental property. They manage all aspects of maintaining an investment property. The exact type of daily tasks they conduct might differ depending on the type of property they're managing and the terms of the contract. 

If you need someone to help you manage your properties who has both real estate and rental law knowledge, then you may require the help of a manager. This is especially true when investing in multiple properties at one time.

Market Properties for Rent

An experienced manager has written several marking ads in the past for investment properties. They understand how to set a fair rental price and how to market the property. They know where to place ads and how to reach a variety of possible tenants in a short amount of time. 

Most property managers can even have your ad up within a few hours, already listed on several platforms. 

Find and Screen Tenants

It's also the property manager's job to find and screen tenants. It's not only about finding a tenant to fill the vacant spot. It's about finding a good tenant who you can trust to pay the rent on time each month. 

Your manager will collect certain information from each potential tenant and run a background check to determine if they're a good fit for your property. Because property managers have experience finding and screening tenants, they can also notice red flags on applications quickly. 

Handle Property Maintenance

Owning an investment property requires regular maintenance and upkeep. When something isn't working properly, a tenant will want the issue fixed immediately. It's also important to keep the property's grounds/yard in good condition. 

Property managers have building relationships with maintenance staff, contractors, suppliers, and more. They can have a problem repaired in a quick and correct manner to ensure your tenant stays happy. 

Collect Rent From Tenants

Your manager will also ensure the rent is collected from each tenant on time. This means you won't have to worry about keeping track of when the rent's due and if a tenant paid or not. The manager will handle all of this for you. 

The manager will contact tenants who haven't paid, issue notices, and eventually evict a tenant if needed.

Could You Benefit From Hiring a Property Manager?

After reading through this guide, do you believe you could benefit from hiring a property manager in the San Diego area? At Income Property Advisors, INC, we offer full-service San Diego management solutions. 

Contact us today to see how we can help you.