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San Diego Property Management

We offer a full range of San Diego property management services tailored to you as an investor, homeowner, or landlord. How much rent can you get for your investment?


Income Property Advisors treats evictions as a last resort. We like to work with tenants and owners to come to a favorable solution for both parties. But when an eviction becomes necessary we know what to do. We work with a local law firm here in San Diego that specializes in Real Estate processes, including evictions. The eviction process can be tedious and stressful and requires not only an understanding of the law but an understanding of the individual situation. That's why we work with our lawyers and don’t just hand it off. We collect all pertinent data from emails, to notices to pictures and invoices and have it all ready if the eviction ends up in court. We take evictions very seriously

Get The Returns You Deserve

Full Service Property Management

Single Family & Condo

  • Flat Monthly Fee: 8% of collected rent (minimum $125)
  • No additional Lease-up fees
  • No setup fees and no fees during vacancies
  • Electronic monthly statements, annual statements, and 1099’s prepared for owner’s accounting
  • Full brokerage and investment analysis services for owners
  • Maintenance scheduled and managed with licensed vendors

Leasing and Tenant Placement

Single Family & Condo

  • Tenant Placement – 50% of 1st month’s rent
  • Collection of all rent and security deposit
  • Full tenant screening and background check
  • California-approved tenant lease document
  • Lease up maintenance if needed to market the property
  • All marketing and showings handled through our leasing team