Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

We strive to get your investment rented quickly, but feel it is important to get the RIGHT tenant versus the FAST tenant! Spending time up front and finding the BEST tenant for your rental creates a good experience all around, versus one that is stressful and frustrating.

We have a Comprehensive 4 step Tenant Screening Process:

Credit Check

We have access to the latest tools to verify an applicant’s credit score and payment history.

Unlawful Detainer Check

We check an applicant’s unlawful detainer record to reveal any past evictions that they were involved in.

Job Verification

We not only verify their job, we look at their job history so that you can understand their job stability.

Previous Landlord Interviews

Interviewing previous landlords reveals an applicant’s rental history. History is an excellent indicator of future behavior.

Our screening process is not just based on a credit score only - we take a comprehensive look at the overall applicant. This process has proven to be extremely successful. It is also important to note that we follow all Fair Housing laws for the County of San Diego, under the direction of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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